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OSRS.FARM is a site that has put together a list of many trusted and safe Runescape Gold selling websites.

Every 10 minutes, the prices on all sites are automatically updated, so that you can easily see which website is selling the cheapest OSRS or RS3 gold.

All the sites listed are safe and have thousands of vouches, 24/7 support, and offer many different payment methods.

By using OSRS.FARM, you also have the chance to get exclusive coupons and bonuses.

We also allow you to view a historical chart of gold prices, so you can monitor both the OSRS and RS3 gold market.

Buying gold from the sites listed on OSRS.FARM is very safe. This is because Jagex does not ban gold buyers, only gold sellers. Additionally, the websites listed above take many measures to keep the buyer safe.

These measures include:
  • Using high level P2P accounts to trade you
  • Using many different trading methods, such as using a tip jar or PKing.
There are also things you can do when buying gold to stay safe, such as buying small amounts at a time or using a mule account.

All the websites listed on OSRS.FARM are safe. Every site is thoroughly vetted before being added to our list.

All websites have thousands of vouches, have been around for years, and have dealt with very large amounts of gold.

You don't have to take our word for it though, you can research the websites yourself. You can look at the reviews on Trustpilot or vouches on popular black market forums like Sythe.

There are several reasons why you may want to purchase Runescape gold. For example, in Runescape, if you want to enjoy the game then you need to have very good equipment. In order to purchase the good equipment, you need lots of gold. You can either spend many hours doing boring activities to get the gold yourself, or you can save yourself a lot of time by purchasing it.

For many people, purchasing gold is the only way to enjoy endgame content. If you have a job then you won't have time to play the game and grind GP to get endgame items, so instead you can purchase gold to get there quicker.

The process of purchasing Runescape gold is simple. These steps outline what your experience will be when purchasing from the trusted gold sites above:
1. Create your order
2. Complete payment
3. Send a message to the websites Live Chat support
4. Meet the Live Chat agent in game to get your gold

This process normally only takes a few minutes. All of the gold sites listed on OSRS.FARM have 24/7 Live Chat support agents who can assist you.